LIFT Annual Report 2014: What Matters Most - Page 22

22 REAL STORIES The Fuller Picture: A Conversation Between Dani L. & Steve P. Steve Potter is Senior Portfolio Manager at a privately held option trading firm and a LIFT Advocate. Dani Lubin-Levy is a Shriver AmeriCorps Fellow. Steve: How did you get involved with LIFT? Dani: I started in Boston as an Advocate between junior and senior year of college. It was a powerful, moving experience to see how much my work was valued and to have that much responsibility as a 21 year old. Now I’m a year and a half into my two year term as an AmeriCorps fellow here in Chicago. What about you? I came to consult on a business project a year ago. I liked it so much I came back as a volunteer advisor, meeting individually with Members for two hours a month, helping them to overcome obstacles like identity theft, credit repair, budgeting, and overdue payments. It’s a nice break from trading options all day, and, more important, it gives me perspective on what people go through, the challenges they face. Financially, the deck is stacked against people, and I want to keep helping Members get out and stay out of the debt trap. Being here makes me so grateful that the things my Members worry about are things I never had to worry