LIFT Annual Report 2014: What Matters Most - Page 14

14 SYSTEMATIC LISTENING For families struggling to make ends meet, navigating the systems set up to help them can be daunting. And demoralizing. By the time many people walk through our doors, they feel hopeless. LIFT is committed to building trusting relationships – starting first by treating people with dignity and respect. We not only emphasize customer service, but we actively ask our Members for feedback after every meeting with them. We embarked on a journey to innovate and improve how we measure our work. At the core of our evaluation is a commitment to systematically listen to our Members. Last year, we piloted our feedback system in our Philadelphia and Chicago regions. Early results are giving us fascinating insight into what matters most to our Members. Members Feel Dignified and Respected 93% of our Members believe strongly that LIFT staff treat them with dignity and respect. Social Supports Matter Connectedness Contributes to Success Five of the top indicators of Member success are related to confidence and connectedness. The number one indicator of success is Member response to the question: “I am more connected to the community and community resources thanks to LIFT.”