LIFT Annual Report 2013: Building Strong Foundations - Page 31

in a state of acute distress,” she says. “My advocate and I worked on the basic question, ‘What do we do?’” Niki and her advocate took the steps needed to avoid overwhelming her. They worked on organization, action steps and followthroughs. They investigated the resources which ultimately led Niki to find a first-time homebuyers program that helped her secure a condominium through special financing for low-income DC residents. Niki continued visiting LIFT because she needed help with the mortgage paperwork. She laughs ruefully at the memory. “Pre-deed information questionnaire—what in the world is that?” The terms of Niki’s mortgage entail strict financial guidelines, and foreclosure has befallen many other first-time homebuyers who initially found stable housing. “LIFT helps me maintain being a homeowner,” smiles Niki. This newfound stability has allowed her both to secure employment as a yoga instructor in the recovery field and to resurrect her artistic life. “I’m finally coming back after a lost decade.” 40,665 = 523% MEMBER MEETINGS LIFT HAS INCREASED THE NUMBER OF MEMBER MEETINGS THIS YEAR 29