LifeGrid Magazine March 2018 - Page 23

Because Happiness Comes From Within by Nancy Mueller We all want to live in a place where we feel happy. Whether you prefer sandy beaches, mountains, a cabin in the woods, the desert or the hustle and bustle of city life, the weather can be a determining factor of how our day unfolds. Midwesterners get tired of the snow and cold. Southern Californian’s wake up every day expecting to see the sun shining and plan their lives according- ly. Because of this, the much-needed rain can be an intrusion in their life. Midwesterners live with the changing seasons and unpredictable weather and may see an opportunity to be happier in a sunnier location. Whatever your geographical location, if you’re counting on the weather to bring you happiness, you’re looking for it in the wrong place. I was quite happy living in my home town of Long Beach, Cali- fornia; enjoying the beaches, the close proximity to downtown Los Angeles, my children, my grandchil- dren and a lifetime of memories! And then, life changed. All the signs were pointing to a move to the Midwest, in the middle of winter! People in California ques- tioned my decision to move. People in the Midwest, questioned my decision to give up sunny skies in the middle of winter. In truth, if the weather is the worst thing in my life to worry about, then I’m truly a bless- ed woman! I made the move and despite the wintry weather, I chose to see the weather as the gift that it is. I hadn’t spent the holidays in a snow-covered landscape for over 40 years and the gently falling snow was truly a visual gift and a sight to behold. My California friends shared updates about the rainy, cold winter and how they were looking forward to the warmer weather. Discussions in the Midwest center around the cold weather storms, looking forward to warmer weather and what to do in between. Me, I see the weather as an inevitable part of life and the only way it can affect my happiness is if I choose to let it. How much happier could we all be if we concentrated on the things we have the power to change, instead of the things we have no power over? Imagine if people had a list of things that make them truly happy and they referred to their list every morn- ing when they wake up! This would give every person the opportunity to look forward to their J.O.B. (Jump Outta Bed) with an intent to experience as much happiness that they could fit into their day. If everyone looked forward to their J.O.B. we could create a ripple effect of happiness. Every experience, positive or negative, begins in our mind. Our eyes actually show us what we believe, not what we see. When we learn to let go of our beliefs, we actually increase our happiness factor. If you believe the weather is in charge of your happi- ness, you’ll only see the weather as an obstacle to your J.O.B.! The weather becomes no less powerful when criticized. Be like the weather; know where your power lies, accept the things you cannot change and harness the power of the happiness that lies within you. My happiness depends entirely on the choices I make based on the power that lies within me. Every one of us has t B6RvW#ƖfR2&WB66W2