LifeGrid Magazine March 2018 - Page 13

Life as a Work of Art by Wanda Veloz We often see life as a chain of events: as something fortuitous, unpredictable, that is beyond our control. Deepening these ideas would take us along paths that require a lot of time and space. However today, beyond what everyone might think of life, and inspired by the article and the young talent that I present to you this month, I want to take you to a slightly different reflection: to see life as a work of art . And why not? Each life is so unique, composed of different nuances, that we could compare it with the work of an artist. And of course, every being that lives it is the Great Artist of its Life. Each one chooses what they want to paint on any day: will this be a positive day, good, of a lot to do; or maybe it could be a complicated day, or one that you did not want to arrive for any reason. Each emotion, each intention, each visualization is a brushstroke that you choose to give; each one of a specific color. If you choose passion or love, you will be giving a red brush stroke to your work. If you exude optimism, purity, cleanliness, then you will be coloring with white. Joy, happiness, fun, sponta- neous, innovative. Then Yellow colors your life. Do you choose to embrace hope? Then you will give brush strokes of green. Maybe you are in a moment of silence, or you feel mysterious, powerful ... maybe even sad or discouraged. Then, it is clear that your brush strokes will be black. Harmony. Blue. Grati- tude. Pink. This is how every moment of your life you become the Artist of your Great Work. And of course, since you are not an isolated being, you give brushstrokes to the lives of others too. Then now I ask you: what have you painted today? What have you created? What do you want to create? The wonderful thing about being an Artist of Life is that your work is in constant movement. You didn’t like what you painted yesterday. Change your intention today, and create something better. Since we’re already immersed in this artistic wave, I’ll present to you a young Dominican talent, Luis Andrés Pérez, who tells us his moving and inspiring story, and gives us the details of his project D' Perez Art, with which he brings joy, creativity and art to everyone with whom he comes in contact with.