Life University International Student Handbook - Page 4

It indicates the type of visa you have been given for your stay in the US and when it will expire. Also, it will indicate how many times you can enter the U.S using that visa (i.e., single, two, and multiple). An F-1 visa does not need to remain valid after you have been admitted to the U.S. The length of time you are authorized to stay in the U.S is determined by the date on your I-20, as long as you are in student status. (See also section on Renewing Your Visa) I-94 Card: If you arrive by land, you will receive a paper I-94 which is a small white card that will be inserted into your passport . If you arrive by air or sea, your I-94 is now electronic. For more information, please visit: xml. Form I-20: This is one of the forms used to document your maintenance of F-1 student status