Life in the Retail Space October 2015 - Page 2

NEWS FROM THE STREET Things have been go go go at Valley HQ over the past few months with the launch of our new website, taking part in Ride London and our ever increasing global expansion. However, amongst all the chaos there has been one key retail trend that appears to be snowballing out of control and it is creeping up on retailers and marketers like never before… green retail. This trend is what we are turning our attention to in this edition of Life in the Retail Space. james haggas Evolution within the retail world has had significant impacts on the way we as retailers or marketers compete. As such, we strive to remain ahead of trends in order to take advantage of them rather than succumb to their effects. This edition looks at a trend that has been around for a while but may have been slightly underestimated in regards to its long term impacts. We’ve heard it before and we’ll hear it again- once more, the trend boils down to the fact that the customer is King and retailers are constantly looking for ways to talk to the customer and meet their ever-growing needs. Customers are increasingly making buying decisions that include a concern for the environment which in itself has transformed green retail from a USP to a necessity should the retailer compete successfully in the long run. We have an extremely special edition of Life in the Retail Space for you this month with features from the wonderful Ruth Harrison, Matt Lyons and of course, Kate Hardcastle. We also have a chat with Jon Howland-Nielsen and take a look at what companies such as Ikea and Coca Cola are doing at the moment in News on the High Street. My name is James and it’s my pleasure to welcome you to LIFE IN THE RETAIL SPACE- not only keeping you up to date with trends but also highlighting different views on innovative and exciting progressions within the retail world. OCTOBER 2015 LITRS 3