Life in the Retail Space October 2015 - Page 14

NEWS NEWS FROM THE HIGH STREET FROM THE HIGH STREET Coca-Cola introduce drink sampling taxis in London Pimm’s reveals quintessentially British experiential marketing efforts Pimm’s have unveiled a crazy croquet course in Heathrow’s Terminal 2, featuring obstacles including teapot-shaped hoops and rose bushes and finishing touches of grass and a white picket fence. Modern features including laser-guided mallets and musical hoops are also featured in a bid to strengthen the game’s revival. The course was developed with the help of London’s croquet club Croquet East, in a bid to revive the classic British game and play on Pimms’ quintessentially British branding. In a bid to activate its Choose Happiness campaign, Coca-Cola are launching ‘happiness meters’ and a taxi based drinks sampling initiative across London this summer. The introduction of ‘happiness meters’ across the city will see 300 displays turned into interactive exhibits demonstrating Londoner’s happiness levels. The measurements are gaged using tweet sentiment technologies which measure the number of positive or negative words used on Twitter alongside the hashtag #ChooseHappiness. The digital campaign is supported by widescale sampling initiatives including; branded taxis which will be used to distribute samples of the drink and areas where consumers will be able to taste product varieties at major transport hubs as part of its Happy Tube Commutes initiative. Brand ambassadors will also be used to deliver Coca-Cola in cool bags to Londoners in communal areas and parks. The use of sampling of the different varieties of Coca-Cola supports the One Brand strategy implemented earlier this year, encouraging customers to choose which variation or variations are the ‘happy’/right choice for them. In line with this, Pimm’s have also created a travelling teapot bar which has stopped off at Wimbledon for the duration of the tournament. At the bar customers can sample new Pimm’s varieties as well as the more classic cocktails, and the design continues the British summer time branding. 14 LITRS OCTOBER 2015 OCTOBER 2015 LITRS 15