Library Newsletter December 2016 - Page 2

Our digital subscriptions: We encourage you to make use of our many online library subscriptions: BrainPop, World Book Online, Tumblereadables (online books and audio books), Universalis Jr and Universalis, and many more, for primary levels and up to Terminale. The full list of subscriptions and login codes can be found on this link on our school website: (logins required) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ AMERICAN LIBRARY IN PARIS - Special rates A reminder that​ ​once again this year​, the ​American Library in Paris​ is offering our students, staff and families special membership rates. We encourage you to discover this vibrant English language institution near our school, which has recently reopened after extensive renovations. Details: ​ DEAR INFORMATION: 6ème and 5ème Students are encouraged to log their reading on the school’s DEAR website. More DEAR related information can be found on the Library website: Some new books added to the DEAR lists/Quelques nouveautés en DEAR Nouveautés DEAR 6ème Nouveautés DEAR 5ème ROMANS FRANCOPHONES Retrouvez au CDI une sélection de plus de 35 ​romans francophones​. Library hours / Horaires CDI (70 rue du Théâtre) Lundi, mardi, jeudi: 8h30 – 17h30 Mercredi, vendredi: 8h30 – 17h00 52 rue Lourmel (1ère/Ter) Lundi - vendredi: 9h – 18h00