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Losing the ZMOT with an "own-goal":



Make it sticky

there are two axioms that are critical in this effort. The first is that you need to make the consumer research process as simple as possible with as few steps as possible to get them to the information they seek. Right now, a consumer who clicks on a Location link on a Pieology website link in the Local Google results will be driven to the main Pieology corporate home page. Why? This is a consumer that has searched a specific geographic destination (Northridge, CA for example). Why not take them directly to a local landing page for that location? Instead of the current process: Google to homepage to location search page to location results page to location pageā€¦just send them to the location page.


Give them what they want

content and coupons. Your target market wants content customized for them. Whether it is a consumer searching for information about the menu at the location, coupons for a mom, or videos about the location/company/products. The more you focus on providing the content they want, the more you will win the ZMOT. Leverage influencers (those friends and family that people turn to and respect the opinions of): Uber gets it. They reward people for listening to their friends and family by giving coupons that can be shared to sign up. Better yet, the referrer also makes money. Build processes that enable people to introduce people to Pieology, and give them a reward for doing it for you.

Here are the steps a consumer must take to get to a page about the specific location they searched (you can try it yourself):

1. Google "Pizza Northridge" or "Pieology Northridge"

2. Click the website icon for University Plaza

3. Land on the Pieology home page and selct the menu tab.

4. Select Locations from the menu tab

5. type in the city .... again: "northridge" & Select the city from the list.

7 . Click on the location and land ...finally... at the location landing page.

Wouldn't it be easier to set up your Google page so that consumers are sent directly to the lcoation page?