Let's Talk About It. - Page 9

Uh okay so like... Not really getting what’s happening here. Why isn’t he a feminist and why did he look at me like I had three heads when I didn’t deny being one? After a significant pause, he backtracked, “Just don’t call yourself a feminist okay? It gives a negative impression.” I look back on this memory and I laugh. It exemplifies the hypocrisy and irrationality a lot of people have when it comes to feminism. It kind of sucks though that every feminist is generalized to being “crazy” or “a feminazi” or “anti-men,” but that can be changed. It’s okay to be a feminist; you don’t need someone’s approval, and you don’t have to agree with every other feminist in the world. No one should feel ashamed for being a certain way; especially for just having a vagina. So please just be chill and respect equality, ya dig? xoxo, ALi Deambrosio

By: Jenny Levine