Let's Talk About It. - Page 14

In the midst of all the college essays gone alternative asking questions like, “What hashtag would you make viral?” and “what message would you send the student community?”, the phrase I’d communicate is “power to skirts”. On a bus driving to a Model United Nations conference, I experienced a troubling discussion. Eyes lit by caffeine, my friends were comparing their “western business attire”. Turning to me, one said aloud, “I wish I owned a pant suit! You look so much more powerful.” The others nodded in agreement as I glanced at her classic pencil skirt, responding, “Why can’t you feel that way in a skirt?” I have since then tried to find an answer to fill the silence that followed.

While the American business world is a minuscule area in which women need empowerment and authorizing skirts seems a small step in doing so, it is the action of expressing concern for gender equality that is a large one. I believe it is the responsibility of first-world countries to begin prioritizing gender equality in order to lead the way in the global moral challenge. By substantially changing our reality we can also help shape those of developing countries. My hope is eventually that gender equality is weighed as heavily in importance on the international affairs agenda as issues such as nuclear proliferation or terrorism.


By: Jordan Smith