Let's Talk About It. - Page 11

If you could describe your art in one sentence what would that be?

Equality, art and feminism all have something in common: they all deserve respect.

What does being a feminist mean to you?

E: For me feminism is about equality. I believe that women and men should be treated more of equals than above or below each other. I think that the best way to create a functioning society is by taking the best of both worlds and making it available for the opposite sex. I also think that feminism is about acceptance. It's not about asking girls to cover up or show more skin. It's about accepting woman for who they choose to be and helping them with those choices. Instead of calling people who are different than you negative things, say your opinion in a kind way. Accept that your opinion does not matter to them and then move on. By this I mean: if I think that girl is wearing really short shorts to be in school , I am allowed to say that that is what I think but that doesn't mean that it gives me the right to put her down especially if she is loving her look. See what I mean?