Leland Insider Spring/Summer Edition Spring/ Summer Edition - Page 8

Many people now u lize websites as a method of gaining informa on about a wide variety of topics. Informa on about communi es is no excep on. While it is under- standable that worries about cost and me spent developing a site can dissuade one from wan ng to make the investment, in the long-term a community website can become an invaluable resource for the residents of your community and poten ally help board members save me. Some of the advantages of a website are: • Governing documents, mee ng minutes, financials, and other important infor- ma on can be posted to the website so it is easily accessible to owners and to poten al buyers. • A website can be used to send e-blasts to the community to make them aware of important happenings. • A community website can be the “go to” place for residents to learn about up- coming events and mee ngs. • Website visitors can contact the board with e-forms so the request will get where it needs to go without having to post private e-mail addresses. • You can highlight the great features of your community by pos ng pictures and up to date informa on. Websites are a 24 hour resource which means homeowners can get the info they need when it is convenient for them to do so. This helps reduce frustra on and also can save board and commi ee members me since they will receive less requests. While a website does cost mon WFRW6VW266fR'BfrF6VB2V6f&WB'6VWGvVvF267BFRvV'6FR66VR'VB66W"6VG66R&W6FVG2"6FRWfVG0&RVvVFRf&2&VFǒf&RFW7F( W'6ǒvBFFPf"FRVBGf6RRwfRvfVFRdR&&BGW&rF26gW6rBg'W7G&p&FVזW"^'G2W"&VbF^FVǒVVBFfW&6RFR&&VB&W6fRBFR&W7BFW&W7G2bFRdP766vRBג'W6W72FWBW"V&W'2rW7BrW76VVBvVVBv2^V2rF07B66f7F'66W6(