Leland Insider Spring/Summer Edition Spring/ Summer Edition - Page 7

Did you know... • Plants can actually respond to sound and vibra on so talking to your plants may actually help them grow! • Plant life in the ocean makes up about 85% of the earth’s greenery. • The heaviest tomato ever grown was seven pounds, 12 ounces, about the size of an average newborn! Educa on Updates Leland Management is proud to be a recipient of the Florida Community Associa on Journal’s 4th Annual Readers’ Choice Award! The Read- ers’ Choice awards are a unique recogni on program that shines a spotlight on the posi ve and produc- ve contribu ons by community associa on service providers across Florida. They are presented to pro- viders that demonstrate an exem- plary level of proficiency, reliability, fairness, and integrity through their level of commitment to the commu- nity associa ons they serve. We teach different classes on an ongoing basis throughout the year. Please head to www.LelandManagement.com for mes, loca ons, and to register. Leland Management con nues to grow to support the needs of our clients. This quarter we welcomed the following team members: ● Melinda Martin ● Edward Murtha ● Russel Giambrone ● Kerri-Ann Costa ● Korina Leal ● ● Stacey Leon ● Brandon Bascom ● Henry Wilson ● William Galarza ● ● Akira Holman ● Dave Myrick ● Laina Gosnell ● Cabrini Bolden ● ● Piero Cappalleti ● Evelyn Gomez ● Cheryl Drake ● BG Lloyd ● ● David Olds ● Patricia Kane ● Rarlynn Calixte-Mardy ● Karen Rains ● ● Angela Smith ● Gwen Diaz ● Sandra Shand ●