Leland Insider Spring/Summer Edition Spring/ Summer Edition - Page 5

Going Green Going green has become somewhat of a catchphrase in recent years, but what does it really mean? The accepted definition of going green is trying to do things in a way that uses renewable resources and has a minimal impact on our environment. There are a lot of ways to do this both as an individual a nd a com- munity. You may wonder what the advantages are of taking on green initiatives. Besides the obvious answer which is going green can help the environment as a whole, taking the initiatives can also save you some green! Working to reduce energy consumption and waste can save money in the long run for both home- owners and businesses. Here are some ideas to help jumpstart your community’s green initiative: • • • • • Consider investing in solar panels for common building such as clubhouses. While the initial cost might be high, in the long-term it will pay for itself. Ask for volunteers to help educate residents about ways they can help the community be more environ- mentally friendly. For example, one homeowners association reported that participation in the recy- cling program increased by 30% after they elected a volunteer to help remind residents regularly of the recycling days. Instead of sending printed newsletters and event notifications, consider using e-blasts. Many residents have e-mail addresses so this can be an efficient way to let owners know what is happening in the neighborhood without incurring printing costs and using a lot of paper. A community garden can be a great way to give residents a new hobby while also teaching sustainabil- ity and providing some extra food for those who wish to participate. Be sure to regularly audit how thermostats, lights, water heaters, and other electronics are being used. If you begin to notice amenity lights are on at times when the facility is closed or AC is running in a clubhouse after hours, these are simple things you can change to save the association money and con- serve energy. Going green may seem overwhelming, but it’s really about taking small steps to improve conservation and sustainability efforts whenever you can. These can go a long way towards improving your community as well as your individual home. Leland Management will be hosting a series of classes on Florida Friendly Landscaping! This class is complimen- tary. Please go to https:// www.eventbrite.com/e/florida-friendly- with-brightview-garfinkel-whynot- leland-management-tickets- 34106652917 to register.