Leland Insider Spring/Summer Edition Spring/ Summer Edition

Leland Insider This past March, Leland Lifestyles presented the Leland Games for our 55 plus ac ve adult communi es. The Le- land Games is a way for our communi es to showcase their facili es and talents, to help build comradery, and have fun. The games took place March 20th through March 30th. Compe tors par cipated in billiards, bocce, bowling, golf, pickleball, photography, tennis, and a trivia contest. Photos from the events can be seen at www.lelandlifestyles.com as well as Leland Manage- ment’s Facebook page. The community with the most points was named the overall winner and earned bragging rights for 2017. You can see all of the winners on the next page. This year’s hos ng communi es were: Kings Ridge, Lakes of Mount Dora, Marion Landing, Spruce Creek, Stone- crest, SummerGlen, and Summit Greens. We appreciat- ed everyone who par cipated and came to cheer their teams on! Flip over to the next page to view the winners and check out the back page for more informa on on the Leland Lifestyle! This Issue • New Gainesville Division! • Reader’s Choice Award • Haile Plantation West • Make ‘m Smile • Going Green • Solar Panels • Benefits of Having a Community Website • Leland Link