Lehman Today Online Magazine Lehman Today Spring 2016 - Page 40

1. 2. 5. 6. 3. 1. St. Patrick’s Cathedral (James Renwick, Jr. and Charles T. Matthews; 1879). The largest Catholic cathedral in the U.S., the Gothic Revival spires of St. Patrick’s rise amid the skyscrapers and department stores of midtown. 2. Little Red Light House (U.S. Light House Board; 1880). This red cast-iron tower was originally erected in 1880 and is the subject of the beloved children’s book, The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge. 3. New York Botanical Garden Building (Robert W. Gibson; 1898-1901). This four-story neo-Renaissance-style building now serves as the Botanical Garden’s library building. 4. Loew’s Paradise Theatre (John Eberson, 1928-29). Located on the Bronx’s Grand Concourse, this movie palace-era theatre was designed to invoke a 16th century Italian Baroque garden. It reopened in 2005 as a live theater space. 5. The Uni-Sphere (Gilmore D. Clarke; 1963-64). Built for the 1964-65 World Fair, this stainless steel globe symbolized the Fair’s Peace Through Understanding theme. 6. Flatiron Building (D.H. Burnham & Co.; 1902). Early skeptics thought the winds would topple this 285-foot tall building, known as the Flatiron due to its distinct triangular shape. 7. Grand Central Station (Reed & Stem; Warren & Warren, 1903-13). This magnificent French Beaux-Arts building is New York’s central transportation hub. 38 Lehman Today 4. 7. Lehman Today 39