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alumni events 1. Annual Donor Recognition Dinner 6. This year the Annual Donor Recognition Dinner was held on Valentine’s Day 2016. It was a night when Lehman College’s generous friends and alumni were showing their love for their alma mater. First the donors met for a reception in the Fine Arts Building where they enjoyed a private viewing of the Lehman College Art Gallery’s two recent shows Architectural Intersections and Landmarks of New York (see p. 36) before attending a special performance by the Polish Baltic Symphony, who performed works by Wagner and Chopin. 1. 2. 3. 7. 4. 5 2. 8. 3. Los Bárbaros Reading 1. John Brauweiler (’69) and his wife Ada. 2. Yaw Opoku (’05), right, and friend. 3. Robert Cefoli and Annmarioe Cefoli (’76). 4. A  ndrea Rockower (‘63), Marcin Koziakthe and Boguslaw Dawidow (the pianist and conductor, respectively) of the Polish Baltic Philharmonic Orchestra, Eva Bornstein, Executive Director of the Lehman Center for the Performing Arts, Mario Della Pina, VP of institutional advancement, and Robert Brownell, president of the Lehman Alumni Association. 32 Lehman Today 5. Flora Goldston (’09), at right, with guests. 6. Collene Wood-Murray (’97). 7. F red D. Phelps, a professor in the psychology department and his wife, Jane Phelps (’69). 8. Y  uneikys Villalonga of the Lehman College Art Gallery, introduces the galleries two shows to the attendees. On April 6, the Department of Alumni Relations and the Lehman Library co-sponso red a reading of the newest issue of Los Bárbaros, the Spanish language literary journal for emerging Latin American writers published at Lehman College. Ulises Gonzalez (‘12), a professor in the Languages and Literatures department, serves as the journal’s editor, which is now available both online (losbarbarosny.com) and in selected books stores. 1. Maria-Cristina Necula (’14), the director of alumni relations for Lehman College; Professor Ulises (12), and Kenneth Schlesinger, the chief librarian in the Lehman Library. 2. Contributors to the new issue of Los Bárbaros (from left): Almudena Vidorreta; Luis Henao; Sara Cordón; Laura Sández; Yini Rodríguez (‘10), and Prof. Ulises Gonzales. 3. Prof. Ulises González (back), and Yini Rodríguez (right) listen as Laura Sández (front) reads from the new issue of Los Bárbaros. Lehman Today 33