Lehman Today Online Magazine Lehman Today Spring 2016 - Page 24

Lehman Holds Its Second Annual Science Day The Bronx SciFest contestants (bottom row): Shabab Choudhury, Tatiana Sanchez, Afia Semin, Natalia Inoa, and Safiatou Sangare; (Top Row) Lyla Rose, Anil Oza, Karla Perez, Lehman College President Ricardo R. Fernández, Emme Chan, Stephanie Xue, and Ivan Perez. Nobel Prize winner Dr. Richard R. Schrock (above) of M.I.T. gives the Lehman Lecture. Lehman undergrad George Maio (right) explains his research. This year’s Bronx SciFest brought together eleven high school students presenting seven projects and it was part of Lehman College’s second annual Science Day, which also included the Annual Research and Scholarship Day and the Arthur Sweeny Memorial Lecture. The Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics was the second school that had students competing in this years’ Bronx SciFest. The Bronx SciFest is a collaboration between the School of Natural and Social Sciences, the Department of Biological Sciences, and the College Now Program and brings together some of the Bronx’s best and brightest presenting the results of their hard work and research. The Research and Scholarship Day is a presentation of the work being done by Lehman undergraduate and graduate science students in coordination with their professors and mentors. The first event of the day was the fourth annual Bronx SciFest, which saw an impressive first place victory for two Bronx high school sophomores researching a potential way to find more effective cancer treatments using tripeptide drugs. Lila Rose and Anil Oza from the High School of American Studies at Lehman College, won a cash prize of $1000 and clearly demonstrated their passion for science and research. “It f [ܙX][8'HZYK'][[ܙX]]H\^\Y[Hوܚ[[HXX\[XY\H[X\[ܚ]\[B[HX'B\H\^H[[܈]H۞[\܈Y[H[X][X]Xۈ\XۙۛܘXHY[[ۈ]\]\žYX\&\Q\܈\\[[ܚۈ^\HH[\X[[ZX[K[]X[\ˈHX[YH[\\Y[\Z[\YHY\\ݙ\[]H\Y[[Y›X[H]H[X\[\\[ܚ]X[[\[H[Y\[H\\Y[ H[\BܘYX][[[ܜ]HY܈[Y\X[YY\]ZX[YH[[YH[[X[Y[H]YKYH[H][[]\[]\]H[[\[ܛ[ 8'[[YH[H\H[\\Y[[Y[\[[X[\B[\YH[Y\[\[H[X[\H\8'BZYYK^HۘYY\YۈZ\ڙX]][œ[ۜY\XZ[[]][ۘ[[\][\H[Z[BY[X\\H[YY[[\XوH]Y[\KH\\YH\H\YH]ۜ\وYH[Z[XYš[YH\YHۙˈ\Y\\H[ܙX\[HZ[\Y[[[\\H[Y[\\HX]Y[و[\8'H\B\X\[\وHY][HHXXH\H܈[\8'BZY][\ޘK8'YHZH\\\H[]\Z[HY\š\HXXH\[ۈو\Y\H[X][[\'BZX[^B\^\[H\Y[[HQ\\]][ۈ[\^H[H\Y[\ M][ܚ]HY[H[[[Y\[Z\Hۈ[H[[Z\H]YܞK\^[H][[Y[HYH\[\H[YYY[[\[\\[[XZܚ[[[[Z\H܈[KYZ[›]\Y[H[XH[H[X[YYX[\X\وۘ[][ۋXۙXH\]\Y[[YH[[\[YHYK܈Z\\[][[\\[ۘ]Hܚ[[\[[H]\[^\Y[Hو]Y[[Z[HY[X\[\\‚\[\وHQ\[YH^X[[^\[HBZX[[YYY[ۈH\^YX\\\[ M܈\\X\]\Z[H]\XY]H܈[[]BY[H[\XۈH\Z[][ۈوYY[ܛ[ˈ\YX\&\[\]ܙ[HXKR[[[\\X]\Y[H]–[ܚ[Y\\XHX]H MH][[\\[H][[‘\[]YH\Z[HYܙYH[YX[X[[[Y\[˂[Z\HXZ܈[ܙHXZ[\[[ۙHX[H[[YZX[[\ܘYX]HY[\X\][[H[X[[\ܘYX]H\X\[\\^KXZ[&\ܚ\[Y'\Yۚ[\XYX\[Y\܈[ܙX\YX[]H[[X[\[K'H\[Y\\H[K\[YH܈H[X[\][[\][Y[Z[[\Y\ˈXZ[ܚ[HXو\\[ٙ\܈و[Z\KXZB\YX\&\Q\[\Έ[[ޘH[[HKX[Z\]K[X[HXZ]YH[X[H X\‘[\]\HH[Y\X[[ZX[Y]K][ܚœX[ۋ܈\[\ܘYX]H\X\ H\][وH^H\H[X[\\Y[HY[[ܚX[X\K\YX\&\X\\\ٙ\܈X\قHX\X\][]]HوXH[H Hؙ[^H[\܈[Z\K%]Y\[ZX[^B‚