Legislative Program 2019 Legislative Program - Page 3

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: SOUTHERN GROVE JOBS CORRIDOR REQUEST: $2,918,749 BENEFIT: The proposed roadway, Hegener Drive extention, will include drainage, utility service and electrical improvements that will serve 133+ acres and provide direct access to an additional 108+ acres of vacant land. The infrastructure improvements can accommodate an estimated 1.6 million square feet of commercial development, generate over 2,473 new jobs, and promote economic development in the City of Port St Lucie’s jobs corridor. Southern Grove DETAILS: • The City of Port St Lucie is requesting funding assistance for a roadway improvement project in the Tradition Center for Commerce. • Total project cost is: $4,078,749. Port St Lucie’s contribution: $1,160,000 (Tradition Economic Development Fund - $1,000,000; Government Finance Corporation - $160,000). RIVERWALK EXTENSION PROJECT REQUEST: $200,000 BENEFIT: This project will expand residents’, visitors’ and tourists’ access to the St. Lucie River for recreation and enjoyment. It will contribute to the creation of a riverfront destination in Port St. Lucie that will attract tourism along with investment in the City’s Riverwalk area. DETAILS: • Port St. Lucie’s Riverwalk Boardwalk is an important way residents can access the North Fork of the St. Lucie River. This project extends an existing boardwalk an additional 2,200 linear feet, connecting 43 acres of publicly owned waterfront land to the south. • It would accommodate boat docking along the river, waterfront dining and additional recreational opportunities. • The North Fork of the St. Lucie River is a state designated aquatic preserve and a vital part of the region’s culture. • The City has received approximately $1 million in grant assistance for the proposed riverfront park and boardwalk and would greatly appreciate continued support for what is expected to become a regional destination. www.CityofPSL.com/Legislative