Legislative Overview - Mandatory Reporting - Page 4

Purpose of the Legislative Overview The purpose of this Legislative Overview is to describe to veterinarians the mandatory requirements for reporting under federal and provincial legislation and regulations. Governments establish mandatory reporting requirements to address societal concerns about the safety of vulnerable groups and the health and well-being of populations. Veterinarians play an important role in identifying new or emerging disease and hazards that present risks to animal and public health safety. This Legislative Overview takes a different format from previous College policy documents. To assist veterinarians to meet regulatory obligations, this electronic booklet consolidates information on mandatory reporting obligations from seven federal and provincial acts and the associated regulations into a single document. The booklet brings together the information on the rationale for reporting, the information to be included in the report, the time frame for reporting and the telephone numbers and emails where veterinarians can submit reports or access additional information. Legislative Overview • Mandatory Reporting   4