Legislative Overview - Mandatory Reporting - Page 3

Purpose of the Legislative Overview INDEX Legislation and Regulation Common Terms in Document Alternative Search Words ANIMAL HEALTH ACT (ONTARIO) Regulation 277 Reporting of Hazards and Findings • • • • immediately notifiable hazard notifiable hazard serious risk to animal health disease cluster • • • immediately reportable disease hazard reportable disease hazard laboratory HEALTH PROTECTION AND PROMOTION ACT (ONTARIO) Regulation 557 Communicable Diseases - General • • • • • • rabies psittacosis animal bite/contact avian influenza novel influenza Echinococcus multiloculosis • • vaccination bites OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY ACT (ONTARIO) Regulation 861 X-ray Safety • • exposure to radiation dose equivalent • • • radiation exposure x-ray monitoring x-ray exposure ONTARIO SOCIETY FOR THE PREVENTION OF CRUELTY TO ANIMALS ACT (ONTARIO) • • • abuse neglect distress • abuse CONTROLLED DRUGS AND SUBSTANCES • ACT (CANADA) • Narcotic Control Regulations • Benzodiazepine and Other Targeted Substances Regulations unreconciled loss or theft controlled drug risk of illicit drug use • • • loss theft controlled substance FOOD AND DRUGS ACT (CANADA) Food and Drug Regulations • prescription drug list • prescription drugs HEALTH OF ANIMALS ACT (CANADA) Reportable Diseases Regulations Health of Animals Regulations • • reportable disease toxic substance • federally reportable disease Animal Health Act Health Protection and Promotion Act Occupational Health and Safety Act Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act Controlled Drugs and Substances Act Food and Drugs Act Health of Animals Act Legislative Overview • Mandatory Reporting   3