Legacy | A Publication of Lena Pope Legacy | Winter 2014 - Page 7

”Having witnessed almost 85 years of Lena Pope history, I am convinced that this multipurpose facility — which will serve not only our community, but most importantly the children and families who need us — is a major step in carrying out our mission of hope, happiness, and success in the best setting possible.” — Marty Leonard, Capital Campaign Honorary Chair EVEL ty er Lena Pope’s charter school, which serves grades Kindergarten through 5, is located 7.5 miles south of our new campus. More than 500 students are enrolled each year. The Leo Postishman Path is a half-mile journey around the Lena Pope campus. Center will now serve twice as many children, ages six weeks to we first opened. It’s a privilege to help these precious little people safe environment.” — Pam Pigman, Lena Pope Board Chair s Foundation School & munity Based Services nity pus, is uary ure. Rainwater Playroom Lowe Family Lounge Sid W. Richardson Early Learning Center Niederer Woods Shirley’s Garden Marty Leonard Nature Explore Playground Meta’s Meadow LEGACY 7