Legacy | A Publication of Lena Pope Legacy | Winter 2014 - Page 5

Early Learning Center Susanne Luebke, MSW, LCSW; Director Several years ago, when the Lena Pope Board began to research early childhood education resources available to families in this area, they discovered very few opportunities existed. They set out to create a research-based learning environment that wraps around the entire family. Notably, each Early Learning Center family must agree to an annual home visit. Research has shown that the more connected a child feels within their family, the better they do in school. “We want families to feel that we are an extension of them,” Susanne explained. “If we see any behavioral issues, we are able to connect families to our Counseling Services very early on, and potentially avoid bigger problems as these children move into their later years. Most of all, we’re not just interested in preparing children to succeed in Kindergarten,” Susanne said, “but to succeed in life.” Chapel Hill Academy Victoria Sendejo, Principal Chapel Hill Academy is a public charter school that was founded in 2