Legacy | A Publication of Lena Pope Legacy | Winter 2014 - Page 4

Built on a Foundation of Love N ext year will mark Lena Pope’s 85th Anniversary. It’s safe to say that when Mrs. Pope and her Sunday school class from Broadway Baptist Church took it upon themselves to care for children left alone during the Great Depression, the campus that now stands today would have been impossible to imagine in 1930. Caring for children and families has changed and evolved dramatically over the years. Early intervention, prevention, and counseling have proven to be absolutely essential in restoring families to well-being and creating pathways to hope, happiness, and success for those served by Lena Pope. We have implemented these models of care in our Early Learning Center, Chapel Hill Academy charter school, Counseling Services, and Alternative Education programs, to reach children when they are most vulnerable, long before they’ve come to believe they are invisible and forgotten. Lena Pope’s original duplex, where the first children were cared for. Although our surroundings have changed, our mission has not — we are here to show children that they are indeed loved, and to provide them every Photo courtesy of Gary Logan opportunity to live a full and happy life. 4 LEGACY