Legacy | A Publication of Lena Pope Legacy | Winter 2014 - Page 2

Welcome Home Dear Friends, I don’t know if there are any sweeter words than “Welcome Home.” At Lena Pope, those words mean a bit more to us Todd A. Landry, Executive Director this fall as we move into our new “home” at 3200 Sanguinet Street. We are very blessed to have received an outpouring of generous community support to propel the “Yes, Mrs. Pope” Capital Campaign to a successful conclusion. For years to come, the new building will warmly welcome thousands of children and their families seeking help, support, encouragement, and love. In addition, we will be happy to host thousands more of our neighbors and partners in trainings, workshops, and meetings. All with one ultimate purpose — to further the dream that Mrs. Pope started nearly 85 years ago — to help create hope, happiness, and success for children and families. Welcome to the beginning of a new era for Lena Pope, to a new address, and to a new building. But, most importantly, welcome home. Warm Regards, Todd A. Landry