Legacy | A Publication of Lena Pope Legacy | Summer 2014 - Page 2

Happiness “The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself.” Benjamin Franklin Dear Friends, Todd A. Landry, Executive Director It’s amazing to me that something said so many years ago can still be perfect today. I think Benjamin Franklin had it right. As great as our Constitution is, we still have to the be the ones to make it come to life. And when it comes to happiness that is definitely true. When we speak of the mission of Lena Pope, we often reduce it to the three key words of Hope, Happiness, and Success. But it is worth mentioning that the full mission statement is “to help create hope, happiness and success for children and families.” We certainly cannot create it by ourselves. We need your help. As we move toward the completion of the “Yes, Mrs. Pope” Capital Campaign and look forward to the grand opening of the new facility, I’d like to thank the donors and supporters who have made it possible. You have most assuredly helped create years of happiness (and hope and success) for thousands of children and families in our community. And that is something I think we can all be very happy about, indeed. I believe we have captured a few of those happy moments this spring. I hope you enjoy this edition of Legacy as we share our scrapbook of memories, large and small, that your support helped create. Warm Regards, Todd A. Landry