Legacy | A Publication of Lena Pope Legacy | Summer 2014 - Page 12

C ontributors Agency donations from February 1, 2014 – June 15, 2014 Because of generous gifts by these organizations, Lena Pope Counseling Services is able to help families regardless of income or ability to pay for services. • • • Carl B. & Florence E. King Foundation Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Employees’ Reaching Out Club The Rees-Jones Foundation Abbott Laboratories Mr. Randy Adams Mr. William B. Adams AIB, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Ken Alles Ms. Keisha Marie Alridge Ms. Patricia Alridge American Giving America’s Charities Amon G. Carter Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Carlo Andreani Marti Andring Mr. and Mrs. Larry Anfin Mr. and Mrs. Mike Annis Anonymous (4) Mr. and Mrs. Alex Armstrong AT&T Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Ausdenmoore Mr. and Mrs. William E. Bailey Bank of America Charitable Foundation Bank of Oklahoma Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Kaveh Barakhshan Ms. Tiffany Barclay Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bass Mr. and Mrs. Lee M. Bass Mr. Tyler Bates Bates Container, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Stein Baughman Mr. and Mrs. J. Clay Bebee Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Becker Mr. Thaddius Bedford Ms. Hannah Behrens Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Benner Bennett Benner Partners Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Bergmann Mr. Eddie Best Ms. Brandi Biffle Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bischler Ms. Cassie Blackwell Mr. Jerry R. Blanks Blue Mesa Grill BNSF Foundation Tony, a YPA volunteer, serves CHA students during the STAAR Test Pancake Kick Off breakfast. 12 LEGACY Mr. and Mrs. Chad Bolen Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Bolen Mr. Randy Bolen Mr. Ronald Bolen Mr. David Boon Mr. and Mrs. Scott Boyd Brackett & Ellis Mr. and Mrs. Nolan Bradshaw Mr. and Mrs. Buster Bramall Bravo! Cucina Italiana Mr. and Mrs. Joe Breedlove Ms. Johanna Brewington Mr. W. Len Bridgeman Dr. Robert W. Brown Ms. Elizabeth Bruce Mr. and Mrs. John Bunn Mr. and Mrs. Steve Burns Mr. and Mrs. Dave Burr Mr. John Burrow Mr. and Mrs. Brad Butcher Mr. Don Bybee Dr. and Mrs. Gerry D. Cagle Cantey Hanger, LLP Ms. Holly Carless Ms. Robin Carlson Mr. and Mrs. Scott Carpenter Mr. and Mrs. Michael Carter Mr. and Mrs. Orlando Carvalho Mr. Leo Castillo Ms. Jessica Chambers Mr. Joe Champ Mr. and Mrs. Adam Chandler Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Chapman Mr. and Mrs. David Chappel Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Chavez Ms. Christina Chen Chicken Fried Assets Mr. Neil Chopra Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Christoffel Ms. Sonya Cisneros Mrs. Vicki L. Cisneros Citigroup Ms. Sarah Clayton Mr. and Mrs. Keith Clem Ms. Sheryl Clinton ClubDesign Associates Mrs. Lauren Cockerell Mr. and Mrs. John Cockerham Mr. and Mrs. Micah Coffey Mr. and Mrs. Chris Cohenour Jayme Cole Community Foundation of North Texas Community Health Charities of Texas Ms. Stacy Conner Mr. Robert Cook Ms. Heidi Coombs Mr. Larry Cooper Coors Distributing Company The Honorable and Mrs. Donald Cosby Ms. Anya Cost Ms. Paula Costa Costco Mr. Tim Costello Mr. and Mrs. Will A. Courtney Mr. and Mrs. Bob Crable Ms. Melany Creasy Criss Cole Children’s Fund Inc Ms. Amanda Crow Mr. and Mrs. Richard Crummel Mr. Mark Cundiff Mr. Mitch Curry Ms. Joni Dahlstrom Mrs. Kim Darden Mr. and Mrs. Richard Davidovich Ken W. Davis Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Davis Libits Davis Mr. John Deleray Mr. and Mrs. Juan Delgado Deloitte DFW Nerd Night Ms. Luci DiGiorgio Vasquez Mr. and Mrs. Lee Dirkson Ms. Karen Dixson Mrs. and Mr. Lauren Doane Ms. Laura Docker Mary Nan Doran Ms. Susy Duggins Mr. and Mrs. Dave Dunn Mr. and Mrs. Jason Dupre Mr. and Mrs. Martin Duran Ms. Sandra Edmondson and Ms. Kelli Pickard Mr. and Mrs. Chris Edwards Mr. Ben Eddy Mr. and Ms. Jim Egeland Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Ellis Mr. and Mrs. Greg Engleby Mr. and Mrs. Travis Essl Mr. and Mrs. Sean Evans Ms. Tracey Ezelle Falcon Steel Company Mr. and Mrs. David W. Farmer Mr. and Mrs. Ed Farrar Fash Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Reagan E. Ferguson, Jr. Fifth Avenue Foundation Ms. Angela Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Alan D. Fonner Fowlkes, Norman & Associates Ms. Diane Fox Mr. and Mrs. Mike Freeman Mr. and Mrs. Doug Fretz Frost Fuller Capital Management Ms. Kendall Gallagher Dr. and Mrs. Arthur G. Garcia Mrs. Crystal Garrison Ms. Kelly Gendreau Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Gilchrist Mr. and Mrs. Gideon Ms. Susanna Gorski Ms. Rachel Gralapp Mr. and Mrs. Pete Greenhaw Mr. Daniel K. Griffith Mr. Matthew Grimmett Mr. and Mrs. Jon Gunderson Ms. Katie Hand Ms. Brenda Harrell Ms. Katherine Harrington Ms. DC Harris Ms. Victoria Harris Mr. and Mrs. Herndon Hasty Mr. and Mrs. Casey Haugland Mr. Heath Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Chris Hazzard HCA Caring for the Community Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Head Ms. Kathleen Headspeth Mr. Andrew Heikkinen Mr. Ryan Henegan Mr. Randall Henson Ms. Laura Hernandez