Legacy | A Publication of Lena Pope Legacy Spring 2015 - Page 9

% You help Lena Pope focus on restoring individual and family well-being. FINANCIAL SUMMARY OUTCOMES Counseling Success 81% of clients in couseling met their goals to improve their families and their lives. 93% of clients that completed substance abuse treatment report being drug free at discharge. 91% of families served report that their family dynamic improved or stabilized. School Success Every child deserves the opportunity to be successful in school and life. We are especially proud that: 100% of five-year-olds graduating to Kindergarten from the Early Learning Center were reading independently and 98% were ready, both behaviorally and academically. With a 97% average attendance rate, Chapel Hill Academy, our public elementary charter school, has received the “Met Standard” academic rating and “Superior” fiscal rating from the Texas Education Agency (both ratings are the highest possible). 92% of all at-risk youth served in our juvenile justice programs did not Significant current year surplus on the financial summary is for donations received for the purpose of capital expenditures. Due to proper accounting principles, those capital expenditures are not reflected on the financial summary but shown as current year temporarily restricted funds. 17235_SPRING_2015_LEGACY.indd 9 have an additional criminal violation while in services. 4/6/15 11:11 AM