Legacy | A Publication of Lena Pope Legacy Spring 2015 - Page 8

Annual Report 2013-2014 Fiscal Year Because of you, Lena Pope has served those most in need for 85 years. Your generosity allows us to evolve with the times and provide a range of counseling and educational programs to help create hope, happiness, and success for children and families. 21% 6-12 13-19 20-29 30-49 44% 0-5 2% 20% 50+ 49% ASIAN/OTHER GENDER 4% 9% AFRICAN AMERICAN 48% HISPANIC 52% CAUCASIAN D E M O G R A P H I C S 26% 22% 3% Since 1930, Lena Pope has been working to help create healthy children and families. Today, our services for children and families are provided through four main programs. Counseling Services provide research-tested family therapy, play therapy for younger children, substance abuse treatment, and individual counseling to help children and families grow stronger. Why Families Come to Lena Pope: Lena Pope Helps Families Improve: School and Community Based Services works in the community to help at-risk youth and their families get the academic, behavioral and social skills they need to be successful. 8% Chapel Hill Academy is a public elementary charter school for Pre-K to 5th grade that focuses on early literacy and each child’s social and emotional well being. Early Learning Center provides affordable, quality early learning for young children, regardless of their family’s income. We know that for children to be healthy, their families need to be healthy too. Our counseling and education programs work to help create healthy children and families by: 18% AGE 22% 28% 24% Behavior/Delinquent Child Behavior Anxiety/Depression/ Mental Health Family Relationships Using research-tested approaches in counseling and education that are proven to get good results. Parenting/Family Conflict Creating a sense of family and involving the whole family in a child’s counseling and education. Substance Abuse Ensuring families stay together to heal together. Wedding/Chapel Building academics along with a focus on social and emotional skills. School Success Anger Management Ensuring low student-to-teacher ratios. School/Education Parenting Other Early Education Intervening early to help youth before they develop serious delinquency issues. Helping troubled youth get back on track in and out of the classroom. 17235_SPRING_2015_LEGACY.indd 8 4/6/15 11:11 AM