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It was over these last few sessions that Julia decided to you. I’m sorry for how I was back then. I didn’t release Jenny. “She needed a break from everything and think I needed anyone, but I was wrong. I really everyone,” Julia said. “She wanted to move to Boston do appreciate what you taught me. And, once to live with her aunt, and I supported that decision.” again, thank you a lot!” Despite doing everything she knew, Julia couldn’t help Jenny signed off with a big happy face. The same but feel she had not helped her young client. Four happy faces that bubbled up throughout the entire years would pass before Julia would realize she was heartfelt letter :) wrong. It was an e-mail from Jenny. Through tears, Julia reflected, “Sometimes we never “I’m not sure if you will remember me or not, know how we affect other people, but I guess I was a but I just wanted to write you to say ‘thank you’ lot more helpful than I thought.” for everything you’ve done for me,” Jenny wrote from Boston. “I know it has been a long time, but Jenny didn’t know it at the time of her counseling, but I really do appreciate everything you’ve done for she was learning the skills to regain control of her life me. I have become a very positive person, and I while becoming a beautiful and thoughtful person realize I didn’t get better on my own. I had many along the way. It takes strength to walk away and start people help me, and one of the main people was over — and sometimes even more strength to look you, so I wanted to take time to tell you. Thank back and say thank you. JOIN US FOR THE 2015 SPEAKER SERIES Lena Pope has a mission: to help create hope, happiness, and success for children and families. For us, the journey is as important as the outcome, and our quest has just begun. Tarrant County deserves the opportunity to explore child welfare, juvenile justice, play therapy, and education in a new way. Juvenile Justice Education Child Welfare Play Therapy Engage with the experts. Join us for a speaker series that won’t disappoint, but leave you ready for the next. Lena Pope Talks. Do you have time to listen? ALL EVENTS ARE FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. STAY TUNED FOR MORE INFORMATION: LENAPOPE.ORG WE HAVE A HEART for Children and Families hope • happiness • success LEGACY 5 17235_SPRING_2015_LEGACY.indd 5 4/6/15 11:11 AM