Legacy | A Publication of Lena Pope Legacy Spring 2015 - Page 12

C ontributors Agency donations from October 1, 2014 – January 31, 2015 Because of the generous gift from The Holland Foundation, Lena Pope Early Learning Center is able to provide a safe, nurturing, and engaged learning environment for children six weeks through 5 years old, regardless of income or ability to pay for services. Thank you! Abbott Laboratories Action Fire Pros Mr. Randy Adams Mr. Thomas W. Adams Ms. Tiffany Alexander American Giving America’s Charities Ardon and Iris Moore Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Alex Armstrong AT&T Foundation Ms. Una Bailey Bank of America Bank of America Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Kaveh Barakhshan Col. and Mrs. Larry Barker Ms. Karyn Barnett Mr. Peter Barton Ms. Brittany Bass Mr. Kent Bass Ms. Kim Bauer Ms. Leslie Baxter Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Bearden Bennett Benner Partners Bite City Grill BlackRock Financial Management, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Noel Blair Mr. and Mrs. Worth M. Blake Mr. Justin Blassingame Blue Mesa Grill BNSF Foundation Boi Na Braza Brazilian Churrascaria Mrs. Fran Bolen Bonnell’s Restaurant Dr. and Mrs. Douglas E. Borg Mr. Shawn Q Bourns Mr. John F. Boyle, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne L. Boyle Mr. and Mrs. Buster Bramall Mr. Ricky Briggs Mrs. Dorothy E. Brittingham Mr. and Mrs. John Bunn Mrs. Nancy Burmaster Ms. Annette Burns Ms. Melissa Butler Mr. James Byerley Cacharel Restaurant The Capital Grille Ms. Rebeca Carranza Carswell Retired Officer’s Wives Club Ms. Juanita Casas Cash America International Central Market/H-E-B Ms. Diana Chakrathouk Charity Shoes and Clothing, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Chavez Ms. Sonya Cisneros Citigroup Citrus Bistro Seafood ClubDesign Associates Colonial Country Club Community Health Charities of Texas Mr. John Conine Ms. N. Kay Cox Ms. Leslie Cunningham Mr. Jerri Davidson Ms. Jessica Davis Mrs. Linda Davis Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House Ms. Melissa Delaney Mr. and Mrs. Juan Delgado Ms. Christa Dennis Mr. Jonathan Deweese Mr. Fred G. Disney Ms. Mary Dornan James and Dorothy Doss Foundation, Inc. Ms. Amanda Dresser The Driven Race & Club Mr. and Mrs. Matt Dufrene Eddie V’s Prime Seafood Museum Place Mr. Jim Egeland and Ms. Tracie Sayyah Ms. Britany Elisher Ms. Ashley Elliott Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Ellis Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Eppstein Ms. Tosin Fagade Mr. and Mrs. John Fairleigh Mr. and Mrs. John Fant Ms. Debra Farmer Ms. Lyndsey Farmer Fash Foundation Ms. Rebekah Finfrock Mr. John Fischer Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Fisher Mr. and \