Legacy | A Publication of Lena Pope Legacy Spring 2015 - Page 11

Lena Pope Relies on You | Thank You! The dedicated counselors and educators helping thousands of families every year at Lena Pope are able to do so because of generous contributions from people like you. The current wait in the community for counseling services for families on Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), or for uninsured families is four to six weeks. For families that desperately need help dealing with a death, trauma, abuse, or a troubled child, that time can feel like an eternity. During difficult economic times, endowments and planned giving allow Lena Pope services to continue to help families stay together and overcome crisis. your family. Of course, gifts may remain anonymous according to the donor’s wishes. If you would like to make a bequest in your will, or have any further questions, please contact Marilyn Sammons at 817-255-2606 or msammons@lenapope.org. Including Lena Pope in your will as a planned gift allows us to provide innumerable services to the youth and families of our community in perpetuity. For this great gesture, we would like to honor your commitment to Lena Pope by recognizing you and Healthy Meals Mean Happy Minds Child hunger is not just a physical tragedy. It’s an education issue too, and it’s one that Lena Pope can help solve through its Early Learning Center — with your support. Hunger is a global concern, and here in Tarrant County, it affects one in four children. This problem often plays out in the classroom. Children with empty stomachs struggle to concentrate and may act out in class because they are hungry. Hip hip hooray for healthy meals, thanks to The Breakfast Club! Lena Pope knows that hungry children can’t learn. They feel sick, get distracted, and start to fall behind. You can help while being a part of something delicious. The Breakfast Club is a wonderful way to support healthy eating habits that can boost a child’s mind and spirits. Your monthly support will help provide nutritious, healthy daily meals and snacks for the hungry and eager-to-learn kiddos at Lena Pope’s Early Learning Center. To pull up a chair and join The Breakfast Club today, contact Dana Crumbliss at (817) 255-2646 or dcrumbliss@lenapope.org. Help feed hungry learners by logging on to lenapope.org and clicking “Support.” LEGACY 11 17235_SPRING_2015_LEGACY.indd 11 4/6/15 11:11 AM