Learning Resources Newsletter December 2013

LEARNING RESOURCES NEWSLETTER December 2013 Using eStream Embed eStream Video eStream Freeview Scheduling Record Missed Programs Add Your Own Video YouTube Content in eStream eStream Android App Searching eStream on iPad/iPhone Powerpoint in eStream More Tutorials To Follow eStream iPad/iPhone App There are a number of videos available on eStream to help in all aspects of teaching. This lists 9 of those to look at: http://moodle.bradfordcollege.ac.uk/course/ view.php?id=5854 Available to everyone after they log-in. Learn how to put your video or TV Programme in your Moodle Course for your students to view. This can also be in the form of your lecture recording (Flipped classroom) powerpoint slideshow or audio podcast. Learn How to use the Freeview Recorder. You can not only schedule recordings for specific programmes, you can also create a “Series Link” which will automate the process of recording all the programmes for that series with one click. Retrieve Past Recordings. The estream system includes a “cache” of past recordings from the most popular channels that are still available to add to the library in the same way as you would schedule future recordings. Learn how to add your own video recordings or Lecture Captures to the eStream Library. This can be done using any computer, mac or pc, any web browser, and from any location on or off campus. Add Youtube Content that you own or have permission to use to the eStream library. Why would I want to use Youtube content in eStream? To stop unwanted or censored “related search word” videos from appearing, plus you can create chapter points for specific segments of your video in eStream. Use Your iPad or iPhone to view and schedule TV Programmes and record and upload from the built in camera via the eStream App . The eStream App is available free of charge for iPads and iPhones from the iTunes Store. Use Your Android Slate or Smart phone to view and schedule TV programmes and record and upload from the built in camera via the Android eStream App. The eStream App is available free of charge for Android from the GooglePlay Store and is used to view, record and upload Video to the Bradford College eStream system. Schedule your Freeview recording from any iPad, Android Slate and Phone that has a web browser. Add your Powerpoint to eStream. You can also embed your slideshow into Moodle, Ecordia or any website in the same way as embedding a video by accessing the “share” link.