LeadingAge New York Annual Conference 2017 June 2017 - Page 18

How To Get Through a Survey And Avoid $30,000 per day in Civil Money Penalties (CMPs) By Kathie Kane At this year’s annual conference, attendees heard in-depth information from the state Department of Health about the survey process and what to expect in the upcoming weeks, months and years. In their session, Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook – State Survey Edition, presenters Elliott Frost and Sherrie Turano of LeadingAge New York ProCare illustrated concrete strategies for staff to make the survey process easier and more successful. By the time the time the surveyors are in your building, everything you have done to that point to prepare for the survey will determine the outcome. Have you measured your side rails and mattress height? What is your plan to reduce antipsychotics? How are grievances handled and who is your grievance officer? Review the Phase 1 requirements and fix any you’re struggling with before surveyors point them out. In other words, the time to detect and correct your own problems is before the surveyors arrive! What is the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Strategy? 1. Enhance Customer Awareness 2. Strengthen Survey Processes, Standards and Training 3. Improve Enforcement Actions 4. Promote Quality Improvement 5. Create Strategic Approaches Through Partnerships Of these, numbers 2, 3, and 4 are the hottest issues. SURVEY READINESS AND MANAGEMENT Yes, there is little consistency from surveyor to surveyor and from region to region but you need to know what is expected in your region from your surveyors. Training staff is your best defense. Be on the floor when the surveyors are in the building. You can’t hide from them and even when they are reviewing charts and reading your policies; they are listening – to your staff and residents. It’s a good idea to prepare your staff to say “Let me get that information for you” or “I can get the staff member who has that information to speak with you” when they don’t know the answer to a surveyor’s question. COMING IN THE SUMMER OF 2017 Starting this summer is a new survey process where 70 percent of the samples will come from software and 30 percent will be identified by the surveyor. There will be a heavy reliance on interviewing – leading to more fact finding. This is where training, mock surveys and preparation will work in your favor. PREVENTION VERSUS REACTION The best way to get through your next survey is to prepare, educate and implement. Are you doing internal mock surveys? Have you thought about crossing over departments? Don’t have your nursing staff review your nursing staff. Rather, cross over and have your activity therapy staff review nursing and compliance and your nursing staff review your food service compliance. Sometimes when you live and breathe a job the way staff does, it is hard to see the little (and big) problems in front of you every day. Contact your ProCare representative for more information on how to prepare for your next survey and you too can save $30,000 per day in CMPs. CMS Enhance Customer Awareness Strengthen Survey Processes, Standards and Training Improve Enforcement Actions Promote Quality Improvement Create Strategic A ɽ)Qɽ՝Aѹ͡)=ݕȁѡ͡ձЁٔ胊q$eЁߊtȃqѡӊe)Ёѥлt($)٥͕ȁՉѥ19܁eɬMյȀ