LeadingAge New York Annual Conference 2017 June 2017 - Page 11

Marketing: It’s Not A Myth By Jacqueline Colafemina Marketing is something every company needs to implement to be successful. Yet, something so vital is often treated lightly and its importance is often underestimated by businesses. Just as someone without proper training shouldn’t perform a medical procedure, businesses shouldn’t expect positive marketing results without properly trained staff and an adequate budget to support clearly defined goals. Marketing channels are becoming less expensive and yielding lucrative results. With properly targeted outreach, organizations can save money at a time when budgets are quickly dwindling. In The Digital Tools and Techniques Essential for Health Care Marketing, Tom Mann, principal and executive vice president of Love & Company, spoke about the various ways organizations can utilize marketing in a time where resources are becoming increasingly limited. There are five key areas that can be optimized: 1. Website usability 2. SEO management 3. Paid searches 4. Analytics 5. Social media Statistics show that 60 percent of digital leads now come from a mobile device so optimization is vital to your organization’s success. Having an optimized website can also increase where your website shows up in a Google or paid search, and drive users cross-promotionally from social media to your website. There are several offsite marketing methods that still hold a place in business today and those include: • Directory listings • Public relations management • Blog posts • Reviews • Social media contests • Syndicated content As quickly as technology changes, marketing methods need to keep pace if organizations are to remain competitive and reach target markets. Just like WebMD doesn’t give you your doctorate, being able to use a creative suite doesn’t make you a marketer or graphic design specialist. Make sure your organization is directing resources appropriately and investing time and effort to get optimal results. The five areas directly relate to an integrated marketing strategy that focuses on four main goals with the public: retaining, attracting, converting and closing. In terms of money spent on reaching these four main goals, organizations shouldn’t exceed a few hundred dollars per month for media or online related ventures. Costs that are associated with online marketing includes, pay per click, SEO management, social media advertisements, boosted posts and website management. Rather than spending more money, more time should be spent optimizing the website to be user-friendly for use by any device. leadingageny.org 11