LeadingAge New York Adviser Fall 2015 Vol. 1 - Page 9

Watching the Politics... (Continued from page 7) We’ve been working in and around Albany politics for the last 30 years and it’s clear to us that at a time like this, your affiliation with LeadingAge New York is a crucial resource that you can and must use to advance your mission and objectives. Learn from LeadingAge New York’s It means that more than ever, you must keep your elected expertise in Albany and Washington. Respond to LeadingAge NY’s advocacy mobilization efforts. representatives at the Federal, state and local levels Participate in LeadingAge NY’s PAC to help informed about your facility, your mission and the clients candidates that understand your issues. and their families you serve. Dedicated service providers (i.e., you) are professionals at every level, whose service to people and communities should never be taken for granted. It’s easy to feel that lawmakers should just KNOW that and never enact policies that make your job harder. (See Watching the Politics on page 9) leadingageny.org 8