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Feature Repositioning... (Continued from page 49) 4. Develop a realistic project schedule. Recognize that repositioning projects are complex and that success depends on precise scheduling and performance. Completing your project in the shortest but also the most realistic duration will require experience, imagination, and intense teamwork. 5. Limit occupancy and revenue loss. A well designed phasing plan will limit occupancy impacts and working capital needs during construction. In projects that include new construction, achieving the earliest completion and occupancy of new units has tremendous cash flow benefits. 6. Minimize disruption. Make sure the pace of construction is fast enough to be cost effective, but not so fast that the level of operational disruption is intolerable for residents, visitors and staff. 7. Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. Maintain trust and credibility throughout all phases of the project by clearly and candidly outlining what will be happening, when it will happen, what the operational impacts will be and how those impacts will be mitigated. Transparency and open communication will assure a healthy community spirit that keeps a positive focus on the outcome and benefits of your repositioning project. For senior care providers the brightest future awaits those who can best align quality care, competitive costs and the most attractive, up-to-date physical plants. The fact is, when consumers, families and referral sources compare competing options they see as equal in quality and cost, “newer and nicer” wins. For more information on repositioning your facility, call Paul Phillips, MS, LNHA, senior living specialist, LECESSE Construction at 855-334-4490. Have you checked out the full interactive digital edition of our Membership Directory? READERS CAN: Have questions about how to navigate the digital edition? Bookmark pages and insert notes Click on the icon in the top right for easy instructions! Keyword search the entire Directory Navigate and magnify pages with one click Access Membership Directory year-round online to reference articles, the membership directory, labor contracts Our digital information, education edition is emails and calendar of events. Share news and social networking sites Read the directory online or download and print it for later View the directory instantly from most smartphones and tablets For more information, contact: Robyn Mourant, Publication Director Phone: (204) 975-0324 | Email: rmourant@naylor.com http://www.naylornetwork.com/nhs-nxt 51 NHS-R0015_FillerAd_7.5x2.25_MKG.indd 1 Adviser a publication of LeadingAge New York | Fall 2015 directly to readers and posted on our website! 2015-08-11 1:54 PM