LeadingAge New York Adviser Fall 2015 Vol. 1 - Page 40

Focus and Refresh: Integrated Technology at Peconic Landing W hen looking towards the future, Peconic Landing, a Lifecare community in Greenport, is looking beyond the fresh paint needed to attract the next generation of seniors. It is focusing on technology and incorporating it into its member’s daily lives. This 300-plus member community is currently working on a $44 million expansion, with additions that will integrate technology in many different ways. “Technology is constantly evolving, and communities have to evolve with it or compromise their competitive edge,” said Patricia Lutzky, Vice President of Residential Services. “The boomers are coming in technology savvy, and they have certain expectations that we have to rise to.” Additions will include a state-of-the-art fitness center with computer-based equipment specifically designed for older adult wellness and rehabilitation. Members will be able to swipe a card holding a personalized fitness program, complete with directives on everything from resistance to repetitions for each machine. As they use the equipment, the system will track what they have accomplished, allowing members to exercise at their leisure and make better use of the one-on-one time they spend with a trainer. Another new addition will include a “smart classroom” to serve as the hub of our Lifetime Learning program, complete with a smart board, computer docking station and iPads and Kindles that can be borrowed any time. Bringing learning to the next level, the organization has incorporated a distance learning satellite system capable of streaming university classes live into its auditorium. Participants will be able to actively take part in college-level classes, and even ask questions. We have teamed up with a local university, which is gauging interest on the types of courses it can offer. “We operate on the philosophy that learning is a life-long process,” said Robert J. Syron, president and CEO. “With this new system, we can now bring new learning opportunities to them.” While members are waiting to be able to use newer technologies; Peconic Landing is also educating residents about technology that can impact their lives in a positive way now. Members have been offered a choice of fourteen different technology courses free of charge. Classes covered everything from how to make the most of digital television packages and using the remote, to more mainstream technologies like the purpose of social media and how it can help them to stay connected with family. “We had an incredible response to the courses, and that shows our residents want to understand these new technologies,” said Syron. “We are teaching them to use basic technology in ways that are meaningful to them.” (Continued on page 38) 39 Adviser a publication of LeadingAge New York | Fall 2015