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LeadingAge New York Tackles Workforce Challenges Aging services providers across the continuum and across the state agree that workforce shortages are their primary challenge. Whether it’s high turnover rates, vacant positions, lack of candidates or weak managers, providers are struggling to meet their staffing needs as consumer need increases. LeadingAge New York has set an aggressive agenda to help members meet their workforce challenges from every angle. Of course, there is no silver bullet, and every provider has their own unique challenges, so we have developed a multi-faceted strategy. Our Long Term Care Workforce Solutions include the following: Compile Demographic Data/Trends (aging population and workforce challenges) . Vacancies, turnover, experience/expertise of staff . Demographics of caregivers versus consumers . Non-labor/social issues impacting workforce: transportation, scheduling, child care, etc. Identify and Resolve Regulatory Barriers . Streamline healthcare apprenticeship program requirements . Follow federal regulations for feeding assistants training . Reduce duplicative in-service trainings of aides working at multiple agencies – Accomplished . Cost, processing time and access points for Criminal History Record Checks (CHRCs) . Eliminate unnecessary requirements for Special Needs Assisted Living Residence (SNALR)/ Enhanced Assisted Living Residence (EALR) home health aides to maintain their certification . Reject home health aide National Provider Identifier (NPI) number proposal – Accomplished Authorize Certified Nurse Aides (CNAs) to work as aides in Adult Care Facilities (ACFs)/assisted living . Identify and Resolve Statutory Barriers . Allow for flexibility regarding CNA training lockout [Nursing Home Workforce Quality Act (H.R. 1265)] . Reauthorize the Geriatrics Workforce Enhancement Program (GWEP) for another five years, with authorized funding increased to $45 million per year [Geriatric Workforce Improvement Act (S. 299)] Expand the role of the nurse in the ACF [S.1788 (Rivera)] Allow for medication technicians in nursing homes . . State Budget Investments in Workforce . #WIN4Seniors Campaign . Make financial aid available for part-time students engaged in long term care workforce programs . Better utilize current long term care workforce funds [Managed Long Term Care (MLTC) workforce dollars, Advanced Training Initiative (ATI)] . Utilize Civil Money Penalty (CMP) funds for a workforce recruitment and retention program . Provide funding for healthcare apprenticeship programs Develop and Roll Out a Public Relations Campaign . #WIN4Seniors Campaign Education/Best Practices . Workforce Summit at Annual Conference – Accomplished . Regional HR Summits As noted above, we have already accomplished some of our goals. There is more to do, so stay tuned for more education sessions, advocacy opportunities and other helpful initiatives to help you start hammering away at your workforce challenges. 29 Adviser a publication of LeadingAge New York | Spring 2019