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Coffee and Conversation in the Exposition Hall: Balancing Work & Life Live to work, or work to live? For many people, maintaining a healthy work-life balance seems like a goal that is nearly impossible to achieve. In the Tuesday morning Coffee and Conversation session, attendees got to listen to and interact with motivational speaker John Pelizza, Ph.D., as he explained how everything we do in our lives is based on our energy level, and that in order to achieve a healthy work-life balance, we need to have energy. The session focused on helpful tips and tactics to reduce stress and generate more energy. One of the many tips Dr. Pelizza shared was to avoid feeding all of your energy into receiving the “reinforcers” in your life and instead save some energy for the things that you are connected to on an emotional and personal level (EPs). “Staying in touch with your EPs,” the things in life that hit you at a visceral level, will enable you to increase your happiness and energy levels. Dr. Pelizza also discussed how positive discovery can bring abundant energy for a lifetime, advising attendees to “discover something new, take a risk, make a change.” He then went on to speak about the importance of resiliency and how regardless of where you are or how you are doing in life, you could still be improving and doing better. “94 percent of cases of anxiety/depression are based on the pictures in your head. It’s how we choose to respond or think. You’re one thought away from feeling better,” Dr. Pelizza shared. He went on to say that “90 percent of the time people are depressed is because they are drifting. They do not know where they are going.” Some tactics he shared on how to generate or maintain a positive outlook included performing acts of kindness, exposing yourself to new experiences and being productive/creative with your thoughts. Dr. Pelizza then explained that one positive way to handle these moments would be to sit outside by running water for 15 minutes, an hour or however long time permitted. This activity has proven itself to be soothing and relaxing, and it will allow your anxiety level to decrease and will trigger thought with a clearer mind. As soon as you form a decision on where you are going, you will reach a level of homeostasis in your mind, and your energy will go up. When your energy level goes up, you will be more capable of achieving your goal of a healthy work- life balance. What Now? LIHTC Property Dispositions at Year 15 At this advanced look at the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program, LeadingAge New York was thrilled to welcome nationally renowned expert Jim Bowman, the former president and CEO of the National Affordable Housing Trust, and Mark Oswanski, vice president at Hampden Park Capital & Consulting, as presenters. This session focused on the options facing non-profit general partners when they reach Year 15 of the LIHTC regulatory agreement. In most cases, the general partner is the non-profit that handles the day-to-day affairs of the organization, whereas the limited partner is the investor who would typically be a passive actor in the agreement and step aside at the close of the regulatory period. As LIHTC properties throughout the country approach Year 15 of their regulatory agreements, however, more and more organizations are finding that the limited partner does not want to abandon their property interest, particularly in areas like New York City where real estate prices have soared over the last decade. In many cases, they want to remain involved in the partnership in an effort to make money off the property. This session highlighted the need for non-profits to be aware that this eventuality is facing them and that it is best to prepare well in advance by seeking out the assistance of an attorney and a housing expert. Various options that may be pursued at Year 15 were also discussed, including resyndications and buyouts, but to be executed well, those options, like all others, would require a good deal of advance planning. leadingageny.org 24