Leadership T.K.O.™ magazine Spring 2018 - Page 5

CEO Messege Greetings! Thank you for reading the Spring 2018 issue of this global prestigious leadership magazine, where we focus on building winning leaders through quality content that will edu-tain you and move you to take action. The Spring 2018 issue focuses on sowing messages of inspiration into the lives of today's leaders. The leaders of this magazine and ILEAD Company understand that everyone must travel down their own growth path and need inspiration to rise victoriously during tough seasons. Messages of inspiration can assist leaders in staying focused so that growth can manifest through those tough moments. Our writers had this in mind as they wrote messages found within this issue. As you read this issue, encourage other you know to connect with this digital and that empowers men and women like THINK - SPEAK & LIVE Leadership! men and women print magazine yourself to L. McKnight Executive Editor Warming Your Heart With a Message of Inspiration" 4