Leadership T.K.O.™ magazine Spring 2018 - Page 20

SPRING 2018 Chin Up Buttercup: 4 Steps to Improve Business Performance By: Felicia Phillips As we approach the second quarter of 2018, business leaders and entrepreneurs are evaluating annual goals and comparing them against first quarter performance. The results will lead to celebration or grief. If you find yourself in the latter group, I have three words for you: chin up buttercup! I’m here with the 4 As to improving your company’s performance: Assess, Align, Adjust and Act.  Assess your situation. If your company is not performing well, you need to quickly figure out why. Examine every aspect of your business: products/services, marketing, communications, operations, leadership, etc. Identify areas of risk or other concerns. Is it the quality of your product? The demand for your services? Inadequate marketing? Poor customer service?  Align your team. You are the visionary. However, you employ a team to help make the magic happen. Keep your team in the loop with company performance against goals. Inform them of any changes to the business, even if you don’t believe it directly impacts their role. Seek feedback from your team before making any significant changes. Buy in and support from your team will do wonders!  Adjust your plan and not your goals. It may be tempting to adjust your goals after a bad quarter, but how can you hit a moving target? Adjust your plan of attack instead. Your assessment revealed the problem. Your team offered additional insight and recommendations. Use this information to determine what changes are needed to fix the problem and ensure that it does not happen again.  Act. I mean, right now! Why are you still reading this article? Strike while the iron is hot! You’ve assessed your problem, aligned your team, and adjusted your plan. Now is the time to take action. Execute the new plan with confidence and look forward to a second quarter turnaround!  The Writers Corner: About Felicia Phillips Felicia Phillips is the owner of Through His Eyes LLC Social Media Handles: @Frpministries on Facebook @Frpspeaks on Instagram and Twitter Linkedin.com/in/phillipsfelicia  Business Website: www.FeliciaRPhillips.com 19