Leadership T.K.O.™ magazine Spring 2018 - Page 19

SPRING 2018 Not Ready For Flight…Release Date: Unknown? By: Tanya R. Bankston Imagine you have done the necessary deconstruction of negative thoughts, paradigms, and habits in your life that have kept you stuck. You wanted to see some Change so you made the decision, and started the process. You have been strategic in developing a regime of language replacement techniques, affirmations, journaling, and committed to see results. You have invested the time, energy, and resources to CHANGE…you crave some long-lasting life changing transformation. People can see that there is something different, but they cannot specify what is different. What do you do when you have taken the journey to the rocket ship; you have climbed into the spacecraft’s cockpit, checking your instruments, spaceflight precautions, and procedures? You flip the engine on, you feel the vibration of the ship’s engine thrust, the smell of the rocket fuel is  as fragrant as apple pie, because you know what lays ahead is new, and outside of your old comfort zone. The adrenaline rushes through your body like waves crashing against the shore. You have been waiting for months…everything appears ready for launch, the Control tower, makes the announcement over the speaker… “Mission Aborted, Not Ready for Flight…Release Date: UNKNOWN”.  Time stands still when…  • You didn’t get the promotion. • You stepped on the scale and only lost one pound, or you gained one pound! • You are served divorce papers. • The bank says no to your application. What do you do?  You do more of what worked! Take a moment, OK five minutes, and deal with your loss, but jump right back into your CHANGE process. Feel the shock, disappointment, anger, etc that is normal…BUT begin by retracing your steps, analyze when the process revved off course.  Success always leaves a trail…and failure is a major part of the course! There is opportunity for growth in every “mission aborted moment“. Reevaluation, realignment, and reconfiguration are all necessary elements to make the future launch successful. Use each “mission aborted moment” as time to adjust the instrument panel, study the course, and make the necessary CHANGE for the next launch! Get READY to SOAR!  The Writers Corner: Tanya R. Bankston Tanya Bankston is the owner of Greater Heights Coaching & Professional Development LLC.  Social Media Links: www.facebook.com/Greater Heights Coaching & Professional Development,  LLC http://twitter.com/CoachTBankston https://www.linkedin.com/TanyaBankston https://www.instagram.com/coachtbankston/ Business Website: www.coachtbankston.com 18 18