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NEW dōTERRA DIAMONDS “Love motivates us to seek personal empowerment for ourselves and others.” Benjamin & Jade Balden FINLEY, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA W A Noble Purpose hile Jade Balden was visiting she had been doing the business, Her husband, Benjamin, was a full- family in Utah, her mother-in- and she took a step back from it to time law student when she started. law shared dōTERRA essential oils with reevaluate. A month later, she realized After finishing his degree, he worried her. Jade was sold on the products she had felt much more empowered about finding a job that would cover after only 15 minutes. She went and happy with her life when she both their living expenses and his back home and started researching had been sharing dōTERRA. She felt student loans. Jade told him that she everything she could about them. an impression that the business was felt confident their dōTERRA business For two months, she just used the oils something she needed to do. would cover it, and sure enough it with her family, then she called up her cousin Debbie Gordon to ask how she could buy more. Jade enrolled and received business materials in the mail. She says, “Even though I didn’t quite understand the business, I was curious to see how I would do. Up until then, I had never seen an essential oil class.” Trained as an elementary school teacher, Jade felt that she wasn’t prepared to be a businesswoman. Still, she was confident she would be able to learn. Many of her family members, including her parents, were did. Three months after Jade reached Diamond, Benjamin was able to quit his job as a lawyer and join her in the business. She says, “Even though we’ve only just started working together, we are very excited and productive.” first generation Vietnamese immigrants Now, they both have more time to Australia who owned their own for each other and their children. Jade felt inspired to start sharing with businesses. They had risked their lives Jade says, “I love the fact that I can friends and family and helped some to escape a communist regime to find decide when, where, and how we work. of them enroll. Then Debbie called freedom, and being their own bosses I feel more peace and joy. I’ve really and asked her how she had been represented a part of that freedom. learned what it means to find yourself doing the business. This surprised With this background, she knew she when you lose yourself in the service and scared Jade, who hadn’t realized could be successful at dōTERRA. of others.” DEVELOP AN ABUNDANCE MENTALITY 1 You’ve got time. It’s never too late to start. 2 You’ve got energy. When you have a passion for something, you’ll find extra energy for it. 3 There is never a shortage of interested people. Don’t stress over a person you could have signed up or wish was placed elsewhere. You’ll find someone else. 4 Trust that God/the universe will guide and provide. This work is easier than you think. Just release the need to control everything. “Discover a strong, passionate, noble purpose for doing dōTERRA. It can’t just be for the money, because the big money doesn’t come until later. Your why will carry you through the beginning stages.” 8 dōTERRA ESSENTIAL LEADERSHIP I JULY JULY // AUGUST AUGUST 2016 2016 *Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See dōTERRA 2014 Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on doterratools.com. *Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See dōTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on doterra.com. www.doterra.com 9