Leadership Magazines - Page 70

GET INSPIRED You Are the Pilot BY LINDSEY MANUCAL, GOLD Adversity comes; it’s what you do with that adversity that writes the story of your life. Do not give up the pen for the story of your life to anything or anyone. Getting Started it fly by and choose joy. Choose to grasp the good and let go of Back in 2010, my life was forever changed when a health challenge ended my 10-year naval career. At that point I thought that my only purpose was to stay home and I dove so deep into that that I could no longer be seen. Over time I lost my identity. Not that being a mom isn’t the best thing in the world, but I needed more. I felt that I had more to give, but I didn’t know it. I had no real relationships outside of my four kids that needed me for everything. the bad. Life is full of tough things but successful people choose to Then my friend generously shared two packs of dōTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack® with me. I told her that I would buy a kit, but after that would never do anything more than order vitamins. That lasted for about two weeks. I brought my Home Essentials Kit home and began experimenting. I oiled everyone and their brother, but I was just sharing to share. I had no intention of doing the business at all. But, then everyone wanted what I had. They wanted to use the essential oils and loved them just as much as I did. After that, I was ready to run. I refused to set my expectations or goals in pen, because what if they did not come true? But I made Premier in less than 80 days and made Silver in under five months. I was on fire! 70 figure out a way. The Way Out: Mentorship Seek out mentors in this business. My direct upline is not involved in my business at all. If I had not sought out mentors above me, I would not be where I am today. Being a great mentor is something tha B]HX\YۛHH][ܙX]Y[ܜˈ^HܞH[^H]YH[]8&\YYY XYH]و^HۈXY[Hܙ]]H[H[[[Z[YHۜ[H^HH\KHܙX]Y[܈\\HZ[[\\[\܈[K[HYYۈ][[Z]] ۘH[H[H[Z] ۛ]]YX[[][[\KXZH\H][\H\\B[Y]]^]\[H]\H[ܛ[[[[[HY\[ۈHY^\X]\HH^\[YK\H[\H][\Y[܋^H[[[H]H[\KHܙX]Y[܈[ܜܘ]\[\H[Z\˂[YH\Z[\H[Hۙ[Y ܈\[YHHX[Bو]]H[]YX[][\[H\[[][HXۂX[]X‚\OYZ]H[[\\[H][[H][[]\]XY\]Xˈ[\X[\YH[YH[›^HYH[\Z[Y^H1cUTHZ[Y]\۸&]܈^HX[K^BY[ܜ[^HX[X[Y\H[]HY[XHœX]] ^H[\YYYH[H\XH[\YB^\[\ۈ\H\X[H[Z]Y[XX[[\[ZHܘ^K\^HX[KH]XY[]]Y[YX]Y[]YX[]YYY\\\]X\HY 1cUTHXYBYH[YܝXK][H[[\X[X]]Y[^KHY\]YHH[و^HYH[\H^HܞKوݙKHX]]Hو1cUTH\]]\۸&]X]\][\1cUTHYH\H^H] [[\]]K[X[KHYpB[HXZH[H[H[[\HYX[KH[\B[\X]^H\H]X[ܙH[\[ˈۘHY[ۙB[[Z\Z[[ܙK[][[\[H\ق[\Z[\[ܙH[H]\ۙ]ˈYYH[[[\^K]]ٙHH[[[H\H\[HZ\X[H[Y\[B1cUTHTSPSPQTTHSH UQT Mۈ[\\]X]\][HH˂Y\H۝–[H]HۙH[XHو[\X[KXYH[\[[][H\ۘ[HYYXY]H[K[]H]\[ۙHš[[Hۈ[\\^K][H\HH[و[\[K܈[\ܙ[^][ۋ[HY[[\[[HH[\X[ۜˈ[H[[[]۸&][ݙ\۝ˈY[H[Y][۸&]Y\]]ۙ[YXXH[وH[^KY\[[[[H]HY Y[][[[H]HH[]YH][B\\K[۝[YH]Y]H[XX\H[YKZ[[[\H[\[YZ\ۈ\[\\˂\[\X[ ]\YHX\[\H\ˈYH1cUTBܝ[]H[X\[\\H[[X\Hۈ\KK˙\KBB