Leadership Magazines - Page 62

NEW dōTERRA DIAMONDS Jon & Emily Pfeifer GRAND JUNCTION, COLORADO, USA LIFE’S PURPOSE “Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved.” –Thomas S. Monson I n 2010, the Pfeifer family was under massive emotional and financial strain. Emily Pfeifer’s childhood friend Kalli Wilson drove her whole family out to Colorado to give them AromaTouch® Techniques and show them how dōTERRA essential oils could give them emotional support. Emily says, “We were so impressed with the oils and noticed how effective they were immediately. The results spoke for themselves and we had amazing experiences just in the days that they spent with us.” Kalli invited Emily to join her in the business, but Emily and her husband, Jon, weren’t ready for that yet. Emily says, “We had just invested a massive amount of money into our graduate school education and really thought of ourselves as a lawyer and a musician. We were tunnel-visioned into that and had never thought about being entrepreneurs at anything.” Over the next four years, they saw how the business changed Kalli and her family’s lives and became more and more impressed with the culture of dōTERRA. They knew they needed more in their lives, so they opened their minds, called Kalli out of the blue, and asked her to tell them more about the business. 62 dōTERRA ESSENTIAL LEADERSHIP I JULY / AUGUST 2016 Both Emily and Jon volunteered in the Peace Corps early in their marriage, so they identified with the mission of dōTERRA to serve others and help change the world. They wen [B\[\]H[[[ۈوXܚYX[Z\[YH܈H^܈YBYX\[ܙ\HX\ٝ[ ^Bۙ]^H[YYܚ\[[\[وH[ۙ^H^HXYB]\ [^HYX[[ۙX^H[YZ\Y[\ܘ\[H]قܝ[]\X\ۜ[YY^\YX[^H[[[^H]HXYH\H]Z\[[\Hۘ\]Z\[\[ [Z[H^\8'x&]H[Y[HX]H[ۜوܙX][\YX[[YH[[HܙX][\[Z[B\[HXHˈYHY&]]B]^KZ[]HYH[&]BXH] 'B[HY[[[Z[HYB\X][\YH\H[Yx%]\X%]H\[Z[H[[X[B]1cUTKYܙHۙHX[^YH\[[[H[YH\H['HXܙ]X\\΂JHY\H]][H[[YK HY\H]HXB]YYHZY]][H[ H\B^H]XK'H8$[Z[B'[X[Hܚ]\[K[Z]XX\[؜\ݙ\Z\X\[[\˸'H8$қۂHPSHUHTSӂԑPUHHTSӐTBSTK']HH\[ۈ܈][x&\HZ[ܙX]H][\X[K]8&\\X][[[܈ܙX][[[X[YYx%]8&\X]ܙX][H[\B]\[X[Z[˸'BӓUPRT–SHSTUQK'[H]H[\[BZ\[ۈو\\[H[]XZ\[\X[H[\]YK[H]BHXHXZX]]]\[ۈ][H[K'BTӈSTTK']]\[HY[ZH[x&\HۂX\1cUTH[ZH][[Y\]H K ][[ܙX\B[\[\X[ܙH[[H[]\[XY[K'BUPSPVS”SK']\HYYH]BܙHو[HXܝZ]Z[\X]\H[X^[[H[[HH\وY][[X^[˸'B1cUTH]HYY[[B]Y]\X%H\[\\[œ[H]HۙY[H[[KH^\8'HX[^Y\[[YB]HX[HݙH[]HY[ZHx&[Hۈ\X\][H^BH]\YXK'BPԕRURPQшSQK'HXܝZ]Y\H۝[BYܙHH\YXX[\\X\[۝[[ۘ[ ]][Y\XܝZ]\\]\H[X^[]X[[K'B\[\X[ ]\YHX\[\H\ˈYH1cUTBܝ[]H[X\[\\H[[X\Hۈ\KK˙\KB‚