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NEW dōTERRA DIAMONDS Sofia Lopez de Lara & Jose Rodrigo Aladro “This truly is a business that you can do and stay fully engaged with your family.” PACHUCA, HIDALGO, MEXICO DEDICATED TO THE FULLEST “I share dōTERRA so more families can be whole.” W hen a friend invited Sofia Lopez There were no materials in Spanish more people who are in need of the de Lara to a meeting, Sofia liked and the product took two weeks to oils. She sees her business becoming the oils a lot and wanted to try them arrive, but it was worth it. dōTERRA has more stable every day, especially with her children. After using them for changed every aspect of my life.” A lot because of the hard work of her three months, she was surprised at the of her work was focused on translating leaders. Sofia knows that anyone can results she saw and started sharing and developing materials to make it with her friends and family before she possible to spread information about succeed if they, “never give up, enjoy knew anything about the business. the use of the oils and the business Her husband, Jose Rodrigo Aladro, was out of work at the time, so once the business was explained to her opportunity. Now, these efforts have In the three years since dōTERRA made it possible for her team to teach arrived in her life, Sofia has seen a their teams what they need to know. 360 degree turn. She says, “I went she knew it was no coincidence that Sofia started working toward Diamond dōTERRA had appeared in her life. once she was solid at the rank of She dedicated herself to the fullest, Platinum. She says, “I was conservative. reached Gold in five months, and I prefer to move cautiously. I knew that became the first person in Founders Diamond would happen in time if I was Club in Mexico. patient and persevered. I moved up in Because she was one of the original Wellness Advocates in Mexico, Sofia their work, and persevere.” rank little by little, ensuring that I had stable and organic growth.” from being a struggling mama of three little kids to, in a few months, having a happy, healthy family and a business with no limits. My nights of worry have passed into nights of true rest. dōTERRA brought hope into my life. Now I am a businesswoman from home and I have the opportunity to care for others, help more people achieve their started with zero. She says, “No one She is motivated to continue building dreams, and have a healthier life. I believed in or knew about dōTERRA. because she knows there are always enjoy my work and this way of life.” ADVICE FOR THOSE JUST STARTING OUT 1 Decide to do things you have never done. 58 2 Define clear goals that are achievable in a short amount of time. dōTERRA ESSENTIAL LEADERSHIP I JULY / AUGUST 2016 3 Have a positive, dedicated attitude of service. 4 Always look for the good in the people on your team. 5 Study and teach yourself. Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See dōTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on doterra.com. “Don’t put off holding classes. Dare to do them. Don’t wait to have more oils or know more. It’s enough to share what you have already tried. Take advantage of any moment.” www.doterra.com 59