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NEW dōTERRA DIAMONDS “Some people never win because they are afraid of losing. Through dōTERRA, we can become the people we want to be inside.” Juan Carlos Suarez Hernandez & Araceli Valencia Sanchez CEDAR HILLS, UTAH, USA AN OPPORTUNITY GROW TO J uan Carlos Suarez Hernandez was introduced to dōTERRA by his friend Perla Baldemar, who shipped oils all the way to Cancun from the US so he could try them. They worked so well on Juan Carlos and his whole family that they soon became avid users. The market was brand new in Mexico at the time. Juan Carlos was busy running a business with his brother, and his wife, Araceli Valencia Sanchez, was busy raising their five boys. Then, Juan Carlos shared the product with his brother and showed him how to enroll and get his product for free. As they started to share more and more, they soon saw that they would be able to achieve the success and freedom they wanted through this business. There were times when Juan Carlos felt like quitting dōTERRA because the challenges of opening a new market were so difficult. Always it was Araceli that talked him out of it. She told him, “You shouldn’t see this as a problem, but as an opportunity to grow.” Another time, she told him even though he had been successful in his own business, he should 44 dōTERRA ESSENTIAL LEADERSHIP I JULY / AUGUST 2016 still follow the pattern that Perla had set for them since she had already been successful in dōTERRA. Juan Carlos says, “Without my wife, I would never have gotten this business off the ground.” Before they could strive to reach Diamond, they first had to believe that it was possible for them. Then, they had to set a date and plan strategies with their leaders. They made it about their leaders’ goals and followed up with them weekly to make sure they were progressing the way they needed to. Juan Carlos says, “It was hard work and we had to constantly strive for it, but we didn’t give up.” They are grateful that because of this business, they can be there for their boys during the most important stage of their lives. Juan Carlos says, “We can use our time to have more memorable moments with our children and we can do our work anywhere we want.” He also believes in including his family in the business as much as possible, so his children will know what it’s like to work as a team. “Our life has changed 100 percent,” Juan Carlos says. “We have everything parents could desire. We have the time necessary to be with our five beautiful children, and the finances necessary to help them with everything they need from us. The best part is we can teach them to work in a business and we are opening up the options for their lives. We don’t have to wait to retire—we can be with them now.” HOW TO FOLLOW UP WITH L E A D E RS EVALUATE THEIR TEAM. Help your leaders evaluate their structures and how close they are to their rank and Power of 3 goals. Never make demands of them. FOCUS ON THEIR GOALS. Follow up on their goals and make new ones. Offer promotions and incentives to help them get new people on LRP and new enrollments. MAKE THEM FEEL IMPORTANT. Listen to them. Remember the commitments you made to them and tell them how you fulfilled them. BELIEVE IN THEM. Make them feel that they are more courageous and intelligent